Dear Caleb… October Edition

Hey Little Man,

I hope you’ve had fun exploring everything this summer.  I often wonder what everything looks like through your little eyes.  You’ve seen a lot lately- zoos, fairs, pumpkin patches, parades… all sorts of fun things!

DSC_6103 DSC_6116 DSC_6161 DSC_6173 DSC_6301 DSC_6304

In the last few months you’ve developed a new-found love of “choo-choos.”  When we read stories, you ask for the choo-choo books.  When we go downstairs, you’re perfectly content to drive your little choo-choos up and down the same little piece of track for a good long while.  This is kind of a big deal…  I can now pull out my Bible and sit with you by the train table knowing that I have a few minutes to read in peace.



DSC_6709You’ve been extra snuggly lately.  You’re pretty happy to sit on my lap and “wock” in the rocking chair.  You’ve always sat still for stories right before bedtime or naptime, but now you like to read Babybugs just like Caroline.  You also started saying “me-me” for “excuse me,” and the ever so passionate cry for “MIIIILK!!!” just like she did.  It’s funny how you can remind me so much of her sometimes even though you two are such completely different little people.  I guess it comes with being a Purkey.

We love you little man!

Until next time,


*This is part of a “Letters to Our Sons” blog circle I do with a couple other photographers… Check out LaShawn’s letter to her son here:


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